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Alavant Adventure Series - Paintball!

Welcome to our Adventure Series. These tours include fun and exciting activities mixed with great food and drinks.

Quick Facts

Starts at $150 per person
Minimum group size: 10
Lunch included: Yes
Tastings included: Yes
Paintballs included: 200

This tour begins the day at Paintball Skirmish, for a 4 hour session of running, dodging, hiding and shooting. After the morning exercise, you'll no doubt be hungry, but we can't take a paint covered group out to lunch, so you'll need to stop by Acclaim Swan Valley Tourist Park who have graciously allowed us to use their shower facilities.

Once the group is cleaned up and presentable, you will then continue on to your lunch venue where you'll enjoy a delicious sit-down meal with a glass of beer or wine (your choice). After the relaxing lunch, you'll proceed to a local micro-brewery where you'll have ample time to discuss bragging rights - first round is on us!

Paintball Skirmish Logo

Located in the Swan Valley, Paintball Skirmish offers a diverse range of fields on which to battle. On the day you will be supplied with camouflage overalls, a V-Force mask, a paintball marker and 200 paintballs! Success on the day will require teamwork, co-operation and of course, skill.