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Frequently Asked Questions
I'm thinking of going on a tour, what do I need to do?
Great idea! To determine what will be best for your group, here are some starter questions that you should consider.

How many people will be looking to join you?

Groups less than 10 should consider joining our Wine, Beer & Chocolate public tour. Groups larger than 10 should consider a private tour.

What is the date you are interested in?

Check out our current available dates for the Wine, Beer & Chocolate tour. If the weekend day you are interested in is not listed, contact us and we may be able to make it work. For private tours just contact us and we can let you know our availability.

What venues would you like to visit?

If you're not sure, then leave it to us!

Once you have an idea of what you wish to do, fill in our contact form on this website or send us an email at
I bought a Wine, Beer & Chocolate tour voucher. Now what?
Your next step is to email us at to make your booking.

If you have purchased a voucher from a discount site, we need the voucher details attached to the email or written in the email. The information we need off the voucher varies from supplier, typically we need the voucher code AND security code.
On the Wine, Beer & Chocolate tour, what are the pick up and drop off locations?
We stop at 2 locations, click on a link to open google maps in a new tab.
Wellington Street Tourist Coach Stand in Perth CBD.
Swan Valley Visitor Centre in Guildford.
On the Wine, Beer and Chocolate tour, what if some people in my group want to get on at Guildford and some in Perth?
We stop at both locations. Groups don't have to all be at the same pickup location.
What size coach do you have?
24 passengers on our larger coach and 13 passengers on our smallest. We do have access to 57 seat coaches when available.
Are the coaches air conditioned?
Can we play our own music on the coach?
On a private tour you can definitely play your own music! On our public tours we have playlists that we include on the tour.
Are tastings included in the price?
Are we allowed to make additional purchases from the venues?
Of course. If you find something that you enjoy, we encourage you to stock up while you are there!
Are you allowed to drink on the coach?
Unfortunately no.

"It is an offence (except where a permit or licence applies) to drink liquor on any public road or street. This includes drinking in a motor vehicle on any public road or street." - Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor

The good news though, is that the time between most venues is short and sweet.
What happens if I need to cancel my booking?
Our main focus is for our customers to have a great time, however there is always going to be the unfortunate situations where people need to cancel their booking. If you do need to cancel your tour for whatever reason, the more notice you can give us, the better.

Any costs incurred by cancellations or outstanding payments due to venues will be deducted from the refund amount.

Public tour cancellations

We require 48 hours notice.

Private tour cancellations

We require 1 week notice.

If you are able to give us more notice, it is greatly appreciated. Any cancellations on the day of the tour will not be refunded or re-booked, we hope you understand.
We have people in our group that don't drink alcohol or have specific dietry requirements. Does this change anything?
Please let us know as early as possible, we can then factor this into your quote.
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